About Us

INNOCURA exists to remedy the crisis in nephrology that disproportionately impacts one of the most vulnerable and at-risk patient populations.

As the U.S. continues to battle the chronic kidney disease (CKD) epidemic, the healthcare market is in a constant state of change. Nephrologists are under increasing pressure to do more with fewer resources.

INNOCURA is nephrologist-led, so we understand the challenges of maintaining an independent practice firsthand. We’re here to enable your practice success while protecting your autonomy. So you can focus on what matters most: improving lives for your patients, their families, and communities.

Vision and Mission


We will transform the practice of nephrology—so that providers can deliver the best care possible while optimizing the financial success of their practices.


We are building an integrated national nephrology practice to advance innovation in patient care, strengthen practice operations, and empower nephrologists to thrive.

Our Values


Take calculated risks to drive improvement while empowering our colleagues and owners to do the same.


Create and anticipate change. Fuel continuous improvement by remaining curious and future-oriented.


Cultivate trust through meaningful interactions and shared information. Positively impact care by working together.


Take great care of one another through careful and responsible interactions. Understand that trust is earned.


Embrace a spirit of service by actively listening to one another. Accept and empower others.

What Makes INNOCURA Different?

INNOCURA is uniquely focused on whole-practice success.
Joining INNOCURA delivers tangible benefits, including:

  • Clinical autonomy
  • National clinical excellence board
  • Research and care innovations
  • Local brand retention
  • Financial, operations and strategic support
  • Recruiting, training and development opportunities
  • Growth capital
  • Ongoing ownership in a larger practice entity
  • Shared financial success

Meet the Team

We are nephrologists and business professionals with a shared vision.